Each year when Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to love, relationships and coupling. Well, this year, I believe that we had a really useful gift for Valentine’s Day. Public health specialists have created a project named Dr. One, a scheme that uses drones to deliver contraceptives to women living in remote rural areas in Ghana. The project is jointly funded by the UNFPA and the Dutch government, has been so successful in its mission flying birth control, condoms, and other medical supplies to rural areas in Ghana over the past few months that the program is now set to expand into six other African countries.

flying drone transports the a red suitcase with white cross

Governments in Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia and Mozambique have even expressed interest in taking over the program in their countries and paying for it themselves.

Maybe it is not always obvious, but drones will become more and more integrated to our daily lives – it is a matter of time when drone recycling systems will become mainstream. We better be prepared about the disruption they will bring.


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