"If you want to gain profound insight into the waste management world, just follow Antonis and you will be fully involved in the state of the art of the industry"

Patrick Dorvil
Senior Sector Economist
European Investment Bank

“In a sector dominated by traditional engineer groupthink, Antonis is one of the true visionaries in the waste sector, understanding how megatrends are impacting not only the waste we produce, but also driving the next generation of waste solutions.”

James D. Michelsen
Sr. Industry Specialist – Waste
Climate Business Department

“Antonis Mavropoulos is not hindered by language barriers when communicating his ideas regarding waste management. He has the ability to encourage people to think and work on the disposal of wastes in a realistic way. I always enjoy his creative presentations. My colleagues and I are enthusiastically anticipating his next message.”

Magda Correal
General Manager, MAG Consultoria
President, Asociación Andina de Residuos, Colombia

“Antonis is inspiring. In a high level environment like the board of a global association, Antonis still makes his mark. He works on the basis of a coherent vision that is rooted in a sound analysis of societal developments. His aims are long term; in fact sometimes he may be ahead of troops in his thinking, yet he is able to translate matters into tangible approaches and concrete results.”

Erik de Baedts, Former colleague
ISWA Board
General Director Carnegie
Foundation Peace Palace

“Antonis' lectures never fail to capture audience's attention. He is engaging, responsive and very open to sharing, answering questions and getting to the heart of waste management issues succinctly and clearly. Certainly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced global experts in waste management.”

Ms Vaneeta Bhojwani
Waste and Resource Management Department
National Environment Agency, Singapore

"Steadily orientated into a better future for the humanity, Antonis effortlessly synthesises obscure hints and cutting edge developments to offer us unique and unexpected insights into the future of circular economy"

Costas Velis
The University of Leeds, UK

"Antonis is surfing on the waves of change in order to transform waste to resource, inertia to action plans and depression to optimism with passion and positive energy”

Prof. dr Goran Vujic
Associate professor, University of Novi Sad

“Antonis has a vision of waste management that goes a lot further than the low hanging fruits. Listening to Antonis makes you understand the real challenges and opportunities of the waste management role in the future of the planet”

Carles Salesa, Congress RECUWATT

"Antonis' publications, especially the waste and health report and world dumpsites’ atlas, provide excellent insights into potential responses to major waste management challenges."

John Skinner
Environmental Consulting LLC

"I am impressed with Antonis’ never-ending quest to understand the latest issues, technologies and emerging trends on waste and resource management and his ability to effectively communicate his findings through all forms of media."

Vice President – International Affairs
Public Affairs Department

“All lectures given by Antonis are brilliant and innovative, giving an advantage to the participants over people who didn’t attend. The knowledge he shares on waste management is without a doubt the most helpful resource I have come across."

Carlos Silva Filho, President of

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