Antonis is the President of ISWA. It is very possible to meet him in ISWA’s events.

Epem D-Waste

Epem and D-Waste

Antonis has two international waste management consultancy companies, EPEM and D-Waste.

Bio Antonis MAvropoulos


You can view Antonis’ short bio here.

Stay Tuned

8-9/11/2017, Rimini, Italy ECOMONDO

25/10/2017, Malmo, Sweden 10th ISWA Beacon Conference

23-24/10/2017, Brussels, Belgium G-STIC 2017

25-27/9/2017, Baltimore, USA ISWA World Congress 2017

27-28/4/2017 , Buenos Aires, Argentina – ARS Workshop on Circular Economy

7/10/2016, Washington DC,USA – Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies

Global knowledge through global presence

Informing and inspiring teams in more than 25 countries, Antonis brings international experience to every corner of the globe.

Antonis travels the world sharing his knowledge and vision of a Wasteless Future. When he’s not on a plane, Antonis works from his office in the beautiful and historic city of Athens, Greece.

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