I had the pleasure to coordinate a recent ISWA webinar on Circular Economy and Resource Management. The purpose of the webinar was to address the challenges of Circular Economy in a realistic way and to highlight the contribution of the waste management and recycling industry. A brief but concise description of the discussion and the key-messages of the webinar can be found here. The discussion is very representative of the main issues that are challenging the waste management and recycling industry. Based on the experiences gained from this webinar, in my recent lecture in Buenos Aires, during ARS’s conference on Extended Producer Responsibility, I tried to explain the new emerging business models that will reshape the manufacturing sector. You can have a brief idea of the concepts at this short video at my YouTube Channel.

With the Circular Economy Package sitting at the top of the European waste agenda, and COP21 commitments fresh off the drawing board, the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) has published a series six of high level reports detailing the challenges and opportunities presented by a shift away from a linear economy. The reports were created by the Task Force on Resource Management. They were presented and discussed over multiple public and closed events, such as the ISWA World Congress 2014 Special Session in Sao Paulo in September 2014, the Task Force on Resource Management Expert Workshop in Paris in June 2015, the ISWA World Congress 2015 in Antwerp in September 2015 and the “Circular Economy: Resources and Opportunities: The Challenge of Circular Economy for the Waste Management industry’ conference in Brussels in November 2015.

A special video with the title “The Golden Resource” has been produced to describe ISWA’s approach on Resource Management. Feel free to download it and share it from here.


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