I just finished a presentation I delivered to “Summer School: Biological and Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste” that took place in Napoli, Italy, 2-6 May 2011. This is a summer school organized in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate ETeCoS3 (www.internationaldoctorate.unicas.it )

I really enjoyed the spirit of the event. Although I did not followed all presentations, I recognized high level – expertise presentations, thoughtful questions and answers, and a feeling that those new researchers are trying to dig deeper than the surface of their science and they have time and the capacity to do it.

I am really thankful to my friend and coleague David Newman (ISWA’s Vice- President) for suggesting me to the organizers. Special thanks to Giovanni Espozito and Flavia Liotta, both from University of Cassino for their efforts to arrange all logistics and their hospitality.

Best regards to (hopefully) new friends Eric, Piet and Francois.

My presentation will be soon available to my Scribd Account.

Last but probably not least: Napoli is still full of small dumpsites, even in the historical center – the waste management problem has not yet been resolved and according the discussions I had, it will be come event worst within next year because the landfills that now serve 60% of the waste will be come completely saturated…


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