I just came back from magnificent Buenos Aires where I partcipated as a speaker at the ISWA Beacon Conference on Sanitary Landfills. I was surprised by the magnitude and the interest of the participation, whic was more that even the optimistic organizers expected.

It seems to me that in Argentina it is a period of increasing know-how about waste management and that ARS (the local ISWA member) is becoming a real effective agent in decision making.

There were really interesting debates about waste management planning procedures and experiences, a lot of succesful examples about applied technology concepts as well as a succesful discussion about the future of landfills and their social acceptance.

I was also impressed by the Brazilian experiences and the level of presentations deleivered by ABRELPE: these guys are really working hardly to improve waste management in Brazil.

I really enjoyed my participation and interaction with the audience during my lectures and I have to be gratefull for the things I learnt.

Soon, I will post my presentation about “Change and Waste management”

Beside from my special thanks to organizers, especially to Mr Atilio Savino and Ricardo Rollandi, I have to say that Mrs Soledad Garavelli was the real soul of the conference.

I really feel that the future of ISWA in Latin America is in good hands

I hope to see you again friends


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