This is a short video I prepared to trigger the discussion abut the Internet of Things and the future of recycling – it is also a short introduction of my new seminar on the 3rd industrial revolution and the future of waste management – well, the future is here and we better prepare ourselves for the huge changes that will take place within next 10-15 years.

I do not know how fast it will come, we have to discuss not only technical but social innovation too, we need to manage the substantial social impacts, but in any case the waste management industry has to make a substantial shift to IT solutions in order to prepare itself for the tsunami of interconnectivity. And what we can imagine now, is really minimal or even negligible comparing to what is really coming (more on the pace of change very soon).

As for the local authorities, as I discussed recently at LARAC 2015 (great conference, great atmosphere and very important views) they have to start the utilisation of the emerging interconnectivity, they have to work more on local mobile apps, they have to create virtual and physical human networks and to follow specific material cycles, on a local level and you know some? I believe that they can achieve much better results with substantial lower costs – we can’t afford to miss the wave of interconnectivity!

Stay tuned, much more is coming


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