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In the next 30 years, humanity is in for a transformation the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This is what XPRIZE Foundation founder and chairman Peter Diamandis believes. According a recent article he published this will give birth to a new species.  Diamantis clearly puts the challenge ahead.

“Today’s extraordinary rate of exponential growth may do much more than just disrupt industries. It may actually give birth to a new species, reinventing humanity over the next 30 years. I believe we’re rapidly heading towards a human-scale transformation, the next evolutionary step into what I call a “Meta-Intelligence” a future in which we are all highly connected—brain to brain via the cloud—sharing thoughts, knowledge and actions. In this post, I’m investigating the driving forces behind such an evolutionary step, the historical pattern we are about to repeat, and the implications thereof. Again, I acknowledge that this topic seems far-out, but the forces at play are huge and the implications are vast”.

Diamandis thinks we’ve moved from a simple Darwinian evolution via natural selection into evolution by intelligent direction. He also considers that today “”…at a massively accelerated rate—some 100 million times faster than the steps I outlined above—life is undergoing a similar evolution.”

In brief, Diamandis outlines the next stages of humanity’s evolution in four steps, each a parallel to his four evolutionary stages of life on Earth. There are four driving forces behind this evolution: our interconnected or wired world, the emergence of brain-computer interface (BCI), the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), and man reaching for the final frontier of space. In the next 30 years, humanity will move from the first stage—where we are today—to the fourth stage. From simple humans dependent on one another, humanity will incorporate technology into our bodies to allow for more efficient use of information and energy. This is already happening today.

The third stage is a crucial point.

“Enabled with BCI and AI, humans will become massively connected with each other and billions of AIs (computers) via the cloud, analogous to the first multicellular lifeforms 1.5 billion years ago. Such a massive interconnection will lead to the emergence of a new global consciousness, and a new organism I call the Meta-Intelligence”.

Read the interesting article and think about it…

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  1. Who’s asking? 4 years ago

    I Don’t even know if this is even checked being such a old post but you are on to something here I must agree but 3 years forward and the world is in lockdown with COVID-19 people are more glued to there must needed technology more than ever. Well it looks like your laid out theory falls in to place more than ever!

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