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Urban mining – the trend to recover raw materials from urban waste streams – is giving classic mining a run for its money. At least that´s what it seems like if you listen to the comments of analysts. On a global scale, facts are that the in-use stock of metals in cities and in society are growing each year. More people need more houses, more transportation and more electrical devices like mobile phones, computers, kitchen appliances and other consumer goods. Most end-of-life products contain metals and minerals in higher concentrations than primary resources. These in-use stock of resources are the urban mines of the future.

Following this trend, launched 4 months ago, Urban Mining Exchange (U.M.E). is a network that allows recycling stakeholders to meet and exchange their materials on an unique place. Already used in more than 30 countries, U.M.E. is a nice solution to acquire new and successful relationships for the good of the environment.

The digitalization of recycling and trading businesses has considerably evolved during the past few years. In addition, the valuation of our waste became an important issue, which with good management is profitable for the ecosystem and businesses. In this state of mind, U.M.E. intends to :

  • Facilitate contact between recyclers and professionals
  • Save prospecting time without changing work habits
  • Promote recycling and increase the activity of the sector

Seller and buyers can benefit from a permanent watch of the markets, widen their sourcing on 14 families of waste and seize the opportunities when they present themselves.

U.M.E follows s unique model without intermediary or commission fees.

Unparalleled concept in the waste trading world, the U.M.E. platform  puts in direct contact, without intermediary, the actors of the recycling process. From foundries to collectors while passing by  industrial manufacturers.

Besides, no commission is taken on transactions, the platform is currently completely free and without financial transactions. It will soon work in freemium mode (7 monthly connections free and low-cost subscription only for buyers, nothing more).

According to its creators, U.M.E. is a simple, fast tool designed for professionals, in order to:

Create ads and alerts in less than 3 minutes
Provide the ability to make offers to sellers in a click (phone / computer)
Act as a precise search engine (quality, price, geographical area …)
Drive a “new prospects” information system that works without going to the site
Increase stakeholders’ reliability rating system

Few words about the creator of U.M.E.

For over 13 years, Loïc Breton, the founder of UME, has been running a trading company, Electro Recycling (http://electro-recycling.fr/), specializing in the treatment of non-ferrous metal waste, WEEE, glass CRT and plastic screens. With his knowledge of the environment and the needs of the players in the business, he decided in 2016 to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure and launched the concept of UME he developed alone with a small team of programmers. It intends to offer more services throughout the year to help companies facilitate their trade regardless of their size or location. You can contact

  1. Michael Rada 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, never heard of. I registered already and wonder if the WASTE PREVENTION in form of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING will resonate within the network. I would like to establish close relationship with platform owner

  2. Breton 5 years ago

    Dear M. Rada, I am the owner of the platform. We can connect on LinkedIn if you like : https://www.linkedin.com/in/lo%C3%AFc-breton-5571a89a/ Best regards, Loïc Breton.

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