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The Futtsu Power Station (富津火力発電所), the second largest gas-fired power station in the world, is capable of generating 5,040 MW of electricity for millions of Japanese homes and businesses. Now, it is going to use Industrial Internet of Things in order to see if it can squeeze even more efficiency out of the plant.

Using General Electric’s cloud-based platform software that analyses real-time data—such as temperature, pressure and changes in the levels of liquids and gasses—coming from sensors embedded in machines around the plant, the Internet of Things will be utilised to make it run more efficiently and predict when things need to be fixed. The Internet of Things (IoT)generates more data than most asset owners can warehouse on their own and requires sophisticated analytics in order to derive benefits from that data.  When applied to the power industry, the preferred buzzword is becoming the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in recognition that industrial data feeds can account for more data, at higher volumes, and with more critical implications than data from the consumer IoT, which consists of everything from merchant payment processing to fitness wristband data.

This is the first digital power plant of the world.


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