The Argentinean National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) of Buenos Aires, and informal recycler’s cooperatives worked together on a project for the production of a lightweight, collapsible trolley that can be used urban recyclable collection by Cartoneros. The trolley could be mass-produced, in case the project is approved by the city government. According to the designers involved, the aim is to incorporate design and innovation to the carriages used by pickers in order to improve working conditions and the integration of the activity to society. The design was also designed to fit the current bin system of Buenos Aires, the so-called green bells. More details can be found to a recent LA NACION article.

This is an initiative that demonstrates the importance of combining technical with social innovation, as a key-element for achieving a Wasteless Future. Besides working on the business side, universities and research institutes can deliver a lot of innovation in improving the social dimension of waste management. And such an approach can deliver rapid and tangible results, as professor Carlo Ratti has already explained. Let’s hope that there will be many universities and research institutes that will follow this path.

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