A very interesting blog post was recently published by IBM’s Jen Clark. The post deals with the benefits that can be provided by Internet of Things (IoT) in managing major weather-related crises.

The post was written during the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which had a death toll of 900 people only in Haiti and more than two dozens killed in the U.S., due to a devastating combination of rainfall flooding, high speed winds, storm surge flooding, and destroyed infrastructure.

Among the key issues that IoT can offer for the improved management of weather-related crises are the following:

  • Enabling swift evacuation
  • Managing panic-buying
  • Reducing the impact on business
  • Keeping safe in the midst of the storm
  • Dealing with the aftermath: emergency first responders
  • Connected buildings help prioritise repair
  • Insurance insights for protection

The post concludes that “Although it is impossible to totally mitigate the circumstances, insights from the IoT can at least help us learn which strategies for protection work best, where improvements can be made, and what changes we can make to help safeguard our future”.

Yu can read the very interesting post here.



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