A very interesting ISWA Beacon conference about the role of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)  in modern waste management and resources systems and especially the potential applications of EPR in Latin America is organised on April 26-27 in Buenos Aires Argentina. The conference is organised by ARS, ISWA’s National Member in Argentina and many distinguished international speakers (the full program is here) are going to present experiences from markets, countries and EPR approaches from all over the world. Special emphasis will be given on the Circular Economy approaches, based on the great work that has been completed by ISWA’s Task Force on Resource Management.

Atilio Savino, ISWA’s Board member and president of ARS, considers that the conference will make a remarkable contribution towards the efforts to create the Latin American path for EPR in each and every country. As he explained this conference is the third one  related to circular economy and organised by ARS, in almost one year. The success of the previous ones and the great interest of the industries prove that there is a positive response by different stakeholders and a great potential for EPR in Latin America. You can have a good idea of the previous conferences and a lot of the full lectures at ARS YouTube Channel.

I have the honour and the pleasure to open the conference (Monday April 25, morning) with a lecture on the future of waste management and the fourth industrial revolution. You can have an idea of the content (and prepare your interventions of course) by looking at two of the videos that I will use. One about the rise of robots in waste management and recycling and another one about the impact of 3D printers in supply chains. Be prepared and fasten your seat belts…



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