I am happy to publish one more great infographic, this time about paper consumption in USA. The infographic provides astonishing figures and very successful equivalents of the daily paper use in USA. As an example the 65.4 billion paper sheets that are daily used in USA have a 4 billion dollars value and they correspond to roughly 815,000 pine trees per day or to all the trees available in Central Park, New York!

I believe that everyone understands that with such a huge paper consumption, the movement for paperless business is really meaningful and environmentally required. Thus, it is not a surprise that this infographic is prepared and was sent to me by Esker, a global leader in document process automation, helping organizations around the world automate their manual business processes with a suite of on-demand and on-premises solutions. Esker supports businesses and organisations to transform the manual and time-consuming aspects of document processing into a digital and collaborative environment in order to increase their sustainability, growth, productivity and profitability.

You can download the infographic also in a PDF form from here.

Once again, I love infographics and it will be my pleasure to publish nice pieces related to waste management, recycling and circular economy to Wasteless Future.


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