It seems that David hit a hot-spot. Andrew Kouskouris, Chairman of the Hellenic FEAD, raised a question about waste management industry and global financial crisis and my good friend Greg Vogt, Managing Director of ISWA, gives an initial response to that question (thanks a lot for that Greg):

“It is important that we in the solid waste stick to doing what we do best, and when predicting the future, use what facts we know and make estimates based on solid assumptions. A few points to offer:

– it is a good time to encourage colleagues and employees to continue to work hard and be productive. There remains a high value for getting things done, regardless of global financial problems.

– during work slowdowns, companies and organizations often take advantage of the time to regroup, educate and train their best personnel, and take a keen look at their marketing approaches so make good value of their resources.

– the need for immediate waste collection and disposal services is very different than the need to make a retail purchase (say, shoes or cell phones). The waste industry generally has the long view with regard to purchasing equipment, servicing customers, compliance with regulations and environmental protection rules, and sustaining recycling programs.

– Those that wish for you to be nervous are winning. “

Obviously, there must be an open forum about global crisis and the future of waste management industry. I invite everyone to start it from this blog, now…


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