The pace of change during the 4th industrial revolution is so fast that we need to step back and see the whole picture in order to understand the disruption ahead. Digital manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new sensors, robotics and driverless cars converge with the circular economy shift and create a new unmapped landscape. And this is just the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution. There are 10 trends that will reshape the waste management and recycling industry. The best is coming: the terms waste and recyclables will be completely redefined as it happened during all the industrial revolutions. Get more details in my recent brief that is available at Wasteless Future Resources. In a glance: the era of disruption is coming much faster that we think – we have to be prepared for a rapid, radical and game-changing transformation of the waste management and recycling industry. We have to redefine waste management and recycling during the 4th industrial revolution.


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