Dear friends and colleagues
I am really happy to inform you that something I was dreaming and planning for almost two years, something that I have shared with a lot of you as an idea, it has finally been realized.
D-waste is here and you can see it at D-waste is a global initiative that aims to make waste management easily available, with just one click, to everyone.  D-waste is an effort to upgrade waste management in the global agenda and increase the awareness about it. This is why our moto is “Waste Management for everyone” (please read the relevant report).
 And when we say everyone, we mean it. This is why D-waste will sponsor eight (8) scientists from developing countries to attend the ISWA 2012 World Solid Waste Congress. You have just to fulfill the application available in the web-site– the beneficiaries will be announced until the end of June.
D-waste is a call for action in order to create a global interactive network of waste management experts that will circulate know-how in all different formats. It is a dream, to create a massive collaboration through the Web which will be capable to overlap the barriers for sound waste management, especially to the countries that suffer more.
Visit the web-site and you will understand more about D-waste.
You can download reports and presentations (some for free, others for a price). You can have applications for your mobile phones (currently for the Android market but very soon for the i-phone market too). You can play with our inforgraphics (remember you need double click). You can ask for specific services, including project support, mentoring and helpdesk.
But most importantly you can Ask or Publish whatever you require or whatever you have to offer. And if you like the idea and the concept, please Join us, as an expert, as an author or as a blogger, we are looking for partners worldwide.
I am waiting for your feedback – I am sure that we have a lot to share – and soon, D-waste will have some surprises…For free and for everyone.
Join us at this new but promising adventure – after all D-waste is a very interesting experiment.
It is an experiment that aims to prove that the meaning of sustainability must be reconsidered, for both the world and the enterprises. Let’s D-waste…
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  2. That is a good awareness for global waste management reduction. There are tons of garbage scattered across different major cities and countries.

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  13. I would like ask for some clarification. What do you mean by D-waste?

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    I think that by creating the overlap using the internet will be really successful. What other sites are you going to use? Waste is a big issue and i'm glad to see someone taking the initiative.

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