“I believe that the solution is outside of the resource and waste management world. We need a new economic paradigm, a new economic science that will describe systematically our world without the religion of continuous economic growth. We need to involve environmental and resource values in the core of the economic system, we need to combine them with the latest scientific results on social and human evolution. As long as we keep the outdated “orthodox approach” that deals environment and people as externalities, we will not find a proper sustainable solution, although several improvements might be achieved”.

This is a small part of my recent interview to Tavis Bucklin and his excellent portal Business Innovators about the possibilities of a Wasteless Future. I also spoke about manufacturing, the fourth industrial revolution, waste prevention and the waste industry. For more read the whole interview at

Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO and Founder of D-Waste on Creating a Waste Less Future


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  1. rida 5 years ago

    Nice article as the days are passing by we have become more & more careless about mother nature, if we do something now only then there is a chance of having waste-less future. to know more about how we can achieve waste- less future don’t miss this opportunity to attend 2nd Edition of GCC Waste Management & Recycling Forum 2016 http://gccwmf.com/

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