Greg Vogt, ISWA MD wrote:

“Some considerations

Be mindful of the opportunities to both buyers and sellers when prices are subject to near-term volatility and your materials /products can sometimes afford to move on a different supply chain.

Calling for protective price controls for one business sector is not the way forward, history tells us. Where transportation and labor costs are significant portions, controls can be like grabbing a tiger by the tail.”

Andrew Kouskouris, Chair of the Greek FEAD (PASEPPE) wrote:

“Dear Antonis

As we all know we have a significant decline in demand of commodities and prices too for recyclates.

This is so important that could have potential consequences for the targets have been set up in EU for recycling as well as landfill diversion.

Another thing is that public confidence would be reduced.

In WFD which recently was published and is referred that supports the use of recycling (paper , metals, plastic ) ,has been now threatened by global financial crisis with reduced or not at all demand for those basic recyclates.

Metals also will have significant consequences in end-of-life vehicles

We have to know both private and public bodies if we have to continue collecting the above mentioned recyclates which it is economically unviable and threats to jobs in the recycling industry.

I think that we have to work in Global as well in EU cooperation for what has to be done (possibly financial or other kind of help) to the sector of recycling to continue to trade in this difficult period, also I would suggest closely monitoring that phenomenon nationally in cooperation of public bodies and private sector.

Andrew Kouskouris

E-mail: akousk@paseppe.gr


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