This is a comment regarding Greece and its economic crisis. It is a video – please spend some minutes to watch it. But before watching the video, please read carefully some lines.

I am sure that there are things to debate about the video. For sure, Greece and Greeks have their own, substantial responsibility for what is happening now.

But I am also sure that there are a lot of things that cannot be debated. As an example, Greeks are working much more hours than most of the EU citizens.

I dedicate this video to all those who consider Greeks as the “black sheep” of EU.

Even more I dedicate this video to those ones who might think that Greeks are like the lambs to the slaughter. At least, they have to think that slaughter in Europe is usually combined with German strength and arrogance, French incompetence to resist and late reaction and British criminal negligence for non – members of the former British Empire

As for those European leaders or citizens that consider Greece as the sick part of the EU, I strongly propose them to remember what Jesus has told:

“Medice cura te ipsum.” (see Gospel of Luke chapter 4:23).

In English: “Physician, take care of yourself!”

Please enjoy the video:


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